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2k1 Puffer Page
Personal Expierience on Puffers
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Here you'll find our personal expierience on several kinds of puffers.

Figure 8 Puffer:

Was my first puffer. Very peaceful in the tank since he was young.

Green Spotted Puffers:

I bought 3 of them. They were agressive at first then became less agressive towards each other after months. I have all of them still alive eating blood worms and shrimps.

Dwarf Puffers:

I bought 5 of them. They were picky eaters.

Fugu Puffers:

I bought one at first and was very agressive. I put him at my Brackish tank since his Brackish Tank wasn't ready yet and chased my Bumble Bee Goby and ate it, sad. Then the next day ate half of my Figure 8 and died the next day, very sad. I did buy another and he/her is alive right now eating krill in the tank by himself.

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