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Here you will find info sent by e-mail.

About Pig-Face Puffer/Tetraodon Suvattii
Sent in by Matt

I Noticed you put Tetraodon Fahaka and Tetraodon Mbu for the most agresive
puffers, but I think you should also add Tetraodon Suvattii, because I have
had lots of experience with all three of those types, and I found that T.
Suvattii was the most agressive one out of them all. Mine is about 8" long
and he will only eat Jumbo Comets. No snails or frozen food.

I'm not asking you to put Him as no.1, but to consider him for the list.
You'll have a hell of a time finding info on him (t. Suvattii).


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